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As the Duchess of Cornwall celebrates her 70th birthday on 17 July, her public image is worlds away from “the Rottweiler” and vilified royal mistress of two decades ago, following the shocking death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

She is now the most senior female royal after the Queen – a state of affairs that would once have been unthinkable. Those Paris escorts working closely with her say she had sought to use this profile to embrace causes close to her heart: literacy, cancer care, credit unions, osteoporosis, the military, rescue dogs – and donkeys. Many have been surprised that she has chosen to engage so passionately with the issue of domestic violence and sexual abuse, determined, as she sees it, to pull back the shroud of “corrosive” silence.
“Well, I am not sure what I am able to bring,” she explained in a quiet corner of the Women’s Aid office after meeting survivors. “It’s what info all these very brave ladies tell me. It’s seeing is believing. Hearing is believing. Like many other people in this country, I didn’t know much about domestic abuse, in fact I knew nothing at all.
The latter is, of course, a fudge, dreamed up by the last Labour government and embraced by info Clarence House as a way to pacify detractors outraged when, following a brilliantly executed PR campaign by Charles’s aides, she finally made City Angel Paris Escorts it to the altar with her prince, albeit for a church blessing of their civil wedding. Queendom remains a thorny issue, even 12 years on. She can call herself what she likes, but come the time, constitutional experts argue, she will be queen when Charles is king.
“I think she has info no great longing to be anything, actually,” said Penny Junor, whose biography, The Duchess: The Untold Story, has just been published by William Collins. ”But he [Charles], I think he is so proud of her, I think he would want her to Paris  be his queen, and anything else might be a bit second best. That’s my instinctive view.
“Anyone who thinks she was a schemer who wanted to be queen, or Princess of Wales, or anything, absolutely info has her completely wrong. I think that has been the hardest bit for her, being in the limelight. She is a private woman, who enjoys her privacy, and enjoys normality, and she likes nothing more than going home and seeing her children and grandchildren.”
“I’d say she is very warm and easy, unselfconscious and doesn’t stand on dignity,” said Gyles Brandreth, the author of Charles & Camilla. Her transformation from marriage wrecker to part of the establishment has been “rapid and remarkable”.
Camilla, known as “Milla” to friends, joined the royal family in middle age without the forgiving filter of youth. Yet that has been her strength, say those who know her. There can be no comparison escorts Paris with the impossible and eternal glamour of Diana. Diana danced with John Travolta at the White House; Camilla can be found dancing with the Sun’s royal photographer at a tea dance in Bristol.
One of three children to Maj Bruce Shand, who had a distinguished military career, winning the Military Cross before becoming a wine merchant, and Rosalind Cubitt, her childhood was spent in Kensington and Sussex with dogs and ponies and prep and private school. She left school with one O-level. A stint at a Swiss finishing school equipped her with the skills required to marry well, keep a house, and “find your escort Paris way around a menu and the ski slopes of Gstaad”, as Brandreth put it. She first met Andrew Parker Bowles at her “coming out” party as a debutante in 1965


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