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Many agencies specialize in only one particular area. Some may only represent high fashion (editorial) models. Others may only represent commercial models, or plus-size, petite, or child models.  If one agency is unable to represent you don’t get discouraged, it’s important that you get seen by as many agents as possible and on a routine basis.  

If you live in one of the major markets you may be able to attend an open call or go-see at the agency.  If you live outside one of the major markets the best way to get exposure is to send your photos to as many agencies as possible.  This can be a very time-consuming and expensive endeavor, especially if you are making copies of all your photos and then mailing them.  The cost of prints, envelopes, and stamps can easily add up to over a thousand dollars. Another option is to email your Paris escorts photos--but with thousands of photos being emailed to model agencies every day, it is very easy to get lost in the mix.  
To increase your chances of being signed to an agency it is important to work with people who have experience escorts and direct connections to all the agencies in a wide variety of markets. is a great place to start and offers the most legitimate and cost-effective way for you to get the exposure you need in order to be seen by many agents around the world and in the quickest way possible.
The term “market” refers to the various geographical Paris locations in which models work and earn a living.  New York is a “market,” Paris is “market,” Tokyo is a “market," and so on. The word "market" can also refer to the category your particular look falls into such as the fashion market, commercial market, plus market, or petite market.
While the supermodels you see in major magazines and walking the runways for top clients generally work in every market, there Paris escorts are many successful models who only work in one or two markets.  So, even though you may not get represented by an agency in New York or Paris, you could very well be perfect for Tokyo, Singapore, and other Asian markets.  An experienced agent can help guide you to the right market for your particular look.


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