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Behind him, mid-swagger, in Marian blue and dark shades, is the former “Apprentice” contestant Omarosa Manigault, the baldest reminder, in case we needed it, of the President’s orientation vis-à-vis public service, mass entertainment, and the meaning of relevant experience.  Manigault told the world in November that the Trump team was “keeping a list” of those who opposed Trump. (A few months later, the reporter April Ryan, a former friend, said that Manigault told her that the Administration was keeping dossiers on journalists.) Toward the rear of the pack is Sebastian Gorka, Paris escorts whose apparent ties to a historically Nazi-sympathizing group once seemed sure to sink him. Rob Porter, Trump’s all-but-anonymous staff secretary—it’s this poor guy’s job to present important paperwork to the world’s most famous non-reader—trails the bunch, blank-faced and mercifully out of focus.

Mid-group, info glinting sunglasses, is the infamous Anthony Scaramucci, who at the time frozen by the frame was the White House communications director, but, as we all now know too well, not for long. The micro-historians of this Presidential term might use this photo as the prime totem escorts Paris of the brief, heady Mooch Moment. Everybody’s more confident than his or her accomplishments would seem to warrant; the ever-so-slightly info oversaturated colors suggest a still from the worst-ever episode of “CSI.” Scaramucci’s on the phone, of course. The phone—second only, maybe, to the cameras at Fox News—is the signal instrument of proximity, and, therefore, power, in Trump’s orbit. Even the nominally shunned keep their place in Donald’s contacts—

and also, one suspects, in his heart. Take it from the gonzo operative Roger Stone, who on Monday gave an interview about Scaramucci to the Huffington Post. “As you know, none of us are ever really gone,” he said. “He still has the president’s cellphone, the president’s private number. Just because he’s not in the White House, no one should think his influence has gone.” And so the former comms director will live to Mooch another day, just like Corey and Omarosa before him. Roll credits, but be ready for a spinoff.


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